Ellsworth Adhesives Features New EconoDot Dispenser




Germantown, WI - Ellsworth Adhesives Specialty Chemical Distribution has added the EconoDot™ Glue Dots dispenser to its line of automated and semi-automated Glue Dot dispensers.


Combining ease-of-use with superior functionality, the EconoDot™ is designed for short and long term projects in occasional or continuous use assembly applications. Common industrial applications include packaging, printing and direct mail fulfillment, and product assembly.


In commenting on the EconoDot™, Roger Lee, President of the Ellsworth ESR Group, stated that "We are confident that the unique features of the EconoDot™ will appeal to our customer base. Our customers continuously seek methods for reducing cost and increasing productivity. Glue Dots are a unique product in that they provide the benefits of pressure sensitive adhesives in an easy to dispense form. The EconoDot™ elevates that ease-of-use advantage."


Ellsworth Adhesives Specialty Chemical Distribution is a division of Ellsworth Corporation. Other divisions include ESR Group, Glue Dots International, Resin Lab, Kitpackers, The Glue Factory, and I & J Fisnar. Based in Germantown Wisconsin, Ellsworth Adhesives Specialty Chemical Distribution is the world's largest distributor of adhesive products and equipment operating with extensive global operations.


About Ellsworth Adhesives

Ellsworth Adhesives est le plus grand distributeur mondial de produits adhésifs et d’équipement. Ellsworth Adhesives est un fournisseur reconnu d'adhésifs, de mastics, de revêtements, d’agents d'enrobage, de tapes et de lubrifiants provenant des fabricants leaders internationaux dont 3M, Dow Corning, Dymax, Emerson & Cuming, Fisnar, Loctite, Permabond, Techcon et de nombreux autres et offre le niveau le plus complet de compétences techniques disponibles. Ellsworth Adhesives exploite des bureaux de vente et des entrepôts aux États-Unis, Canada, Mexique, Europe, Brésil, Chine, Hong Kong, la Malaisie, l'Australie, la France, et la Thaïlande. Ellsworth Adhesives peut être contacté directement au + 33 (0) 1 30 30 30 18 ou en vous connectant sur www.ellsworth.fr.


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Dr. Jeff Payne
Chief Marketing Officer
Ellsworth Corporation